Large Intestines Diseases

Large Intestines Diseases

Beneficial Foods Help Babies Resist Diseases in Winter   by Green Sunny

Once winter comes, mothers always worry about the physical health of their children. Some children do not have strong immunity to resist various diseases, such as fever and cold. In fact, the immunity of babies can be enhanced by the adequate supplementation of trace elements. The skillful dietary allergy is a good way to supplement essential nutrients for babies. Generally speaking, some beneficial foods in winter can increase the immunity of babies.

Potatoes can absorb water, fat, toxins and sugar inside the human body and lubricate the intestinal tract. The frequent intake of potatoes can decrease the risks of getting xeroma and intestinal cancer and prevent constipation for babies. Yogurt contains abundant protein, iron, calcium and some other trace elements. What’s more, the nutrients contained in yogurt are easy for the human body to absorb. Generally speaking, yogurt can effectively enhance the appetite, improve the digestive functions, and restrain the reproduction of the intestinal bacteria. Therefore, if children often drink yogurt, various diseases like habitual constipation and indigestion can be effectively improved. Carrot contains abundant provitamin A which can be transformed into vitamin A inside the human body to accelerate the normal growth of the eyesight of the babies. At the same time, the respiratory tract infection can also be prevented. Tomato contains a large amount of vitamin C. Therefore, children should increase the intake of tomatoes so as to supplement vitamin C for the body, which can enhance the immunity and reduce the risks of getting respiratory diseases. If babies get sunburnt in summer, they can frequently eat tomatoes in winter so as to accelerate the recovery of the skin tissues. In addition, the rich vitamin B1 contained in tomato can help babies accelerate the healthy development of brain. Soy-bean milk plays an important role in maintaining the normal growth of babies and resisting bacteria. It is necessary for babies to drink soy-bean milk in everyday life. In addition, children should often eat apples. The nutritional value of apple is rather high. The tartaric acid contained in apple can improve the digestion, the cellulose can accelerate the cacation, and pectin can alleviate the diarrhea. What’s more, the abundant vitamin A and zinc can greatly improve the immunity for babies. Therefore, the parents should provide enough apples for their children.

The foods mentioned above can effectively enhance the immunity for babies. In order to maintain the physical health of children, parents should provide these beneficial foods for their children.

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