Digestive System Disorder

Digestive System Disorder

Do you prefer Breast Feed or Formula Feeding?

Hands down, it’s breast feeding.

~Milk is perfectly formulated and designed to meet your child’s specific needs
~provides immunity to many diseases
~Beastmilk is actually alive, and contains tons of nutrients you can’t get in formula
~Always available, don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night to get more
~Always at the right temperature, and don’t need to mix up bottles
~Tastes better
~Formula is correlated with sicker infants- more ear aches, colicky symptoms, constipated, poorer vaccine response, more viruses, digestive system disorders
~Breast milk is easier to digest
~Fewer upper respiratory infections
~Lower rates of obesity into adulthood
~Lasting disease benefits into late adulthood (diabetes, cancer..)
~Babies poop smells pleasant instead of foul.
~Shown to increase brain intelligence because of specific brain building nutrients
~perfect balance and type of proteins, sugars, vitamins, and fats
~breastmilk “customizes” itself to baby’s specific needs, such as more protein & fat for preemies, and nutrient composition changes
~promotes stronger emotional bond between mother and child
~helps reduce your risk of breast cancer the longer you breastfeed
~colostrum packs a nutritional punch at birth that formula can’t match
~promotes proper jaw and teeth development
~breast milk has a much longer shelf life than formula
~never have to worry about it spoiling (when drank from the breast), or overheating it.
~Is the perfect food for humans
~Larger proteins and more calcium in formula contribute to heavier, larger babies with thicker bones because cow milk is designed for calves which are much larger than humans.
~Save money & lost work time for family because baby is healthier.

The breast is best!

Ladies, what am I missing?

******Oh, yeah! Don’t have to worry about a formula recall because someone made a tragic error at the factory causing babies to die!!!


Digestive System Disorders

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